Tesla partners with AMD to create own chip for stand-alone cars

According to CNBC, automaker Elon Musk would have received a first sample of processors for testing

Tesla is working on its own chip to handle the skills needed to power its fleet of fully autonomous vehicles that, according to Elon Musk, is expected to be completed by 2019.

By focusing its efforts on a chip of its own, the electric car maker is increasingly straying from the possibility of relying on partnerships with other processor manufacturers.

But the company will not develop a chip from scratch but build it on AMD’s intellectual property. Tesla has already received a sample of the first implementation of its processor and is already running tests, according to CNBC , which cites an anonymous source and close the two companies. For now, neither Tesla nor AMD have officialized the partnership.

The news that Tesla works on its own chip for unattended management follows the revelation that the company also develops a new suite of hardware with higher computing power. That’s because full autonomy will require a great deal of computing power to process all the telemetry and data produced by the various cameras and sensors in the car.
The road to the future of mobility is increasingly crowded. Large companies have accelerated their projects in the sector, also using partnerships. On Monday (18/09), Intel announced that it will join Waymo (autonomous Alphabet vehicles unit) to develop fully autonomous cars. Nvidia has worked with Toyota, Audi and Volvo to enable the automakers’ cars with full autonomy.