Sony TV creates sound with the screen itself

We are accustomed to think that the sound comes from speakers, but the sound of the new TV from Sony comes from your screen. The model called XBR-65A1E is the first of the major brands to rely on the technology called Acoustic Surface.

The display vibrates as needed to output the sound waves corresponding to the audio of the movie or program you watch. By removing the speakers, the screen gains even greater relevance in product design, as shown in the image above.

The handset has 65-inch Oled display and offers 4K HDR resolution as well as the best TVs on the market today. The lack of content in this format is compensated by an upscalling technology, which increases the quality of videos in Full HD, leaving them closer to 4K.

In terms of applications, the ecosystem is vast, since the TV uses Android TV operating system, basically a version of the smartphone system adapted to big screen.

The XBR-65A1E has a suggested price of 22,999 reais.