New iPhone system has three stages of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Apple ‘s iOS 11, Apple’s new system for iPhones , has three stages of use for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity features: on, off, and off.

When you turn them off at the control center, the menu that emerges when we slide your finger from bottom to top on the screen, features are not turned off completely. Instead, they disconnect your device from a Bluetooth or a router, but remain connected.

The usefulness of this is that you can keep the iPhone paired with an Apple Watch or an Apple Pencil, the smart stylus of the brand, and enable the use of wireless features such as AirDrop, AirPlay and Instant Hotspot, according to the document from Apple

To effectively turn off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, you must enter the Settings menu, select the respective options, and turn them off.


Andrea Barisani


PSA: iOS 11 new control center WiFi and Bluetooth toggles don’t actually turn off their respective radios.

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The appeal was reported on Twitter by F-Secure digital security researcher Andrea Barisani.

It is worth noting that maintaining active connectivity features can reduce the battery life of your iPhone.

Apple has not commented on the case.

The video below shows the new three stages, though your presenter confuses what was made to be a feature with an iOS 11 bug. See below.