Instagram Does not Open? Learn how to solve!

Instagram does not open on your cell phone? We’ve taught you some tips on what to do to solve this, check it out and get it up and running right now!

It is not wrong to say that these days social networks influence our day to day life. Increasingly we see ourselves dependent on networks like facebook, twitter and instagram. And when something happens it goes wrong and the app stops running? This text was written to help you if your instagram stops opening. Who does not despair when instagramdoes not open is not true? Sometimes after auto-updating the app some users complain that they can not open the app through their mobile phone, just by the computer.

Some people prefer to uninstall and reinstall the App, but if you did not want to do this, or if it does not work, here are some tips:

Tips for fixing Instagram that does not open

instagram does not open

First, make sure you have the newest App update installed. If your system is IOS check for a new update.

If your issue is unable to sign in to Instagram, unfortunately your account may have been disabled. But calm down, do not despair! Your account will only be disabled if you have violated Instagram’s terms of service, if this is not the case then what you need to know is to confirm that the email and password you are trying to access are correct.

If you have forgotten your password you only have to request that the application send you a new password, but if the problem is with the email you can solve the problem by checking the account with Facebook.

But if your problem is not forgotten password, email or version of Instagram outdated, the lack may be updating the IOS system. If when you try to sign in the app closes and does not let you end the access is simple: look in the menu of your smartphone the menu Settings> General and select Software Update.

And on Android?

If your phone is Android and you are having problems with Instagram and none of the tips given so far have not helped you, such as reinstalling the App, checking login data or trying to access by Facebook, know that several users of the Android system are also having problems with Instagram.

Users claim that the app is stuck, and this can be thanks to an Android component called Android System WebView that allows Apps like Instagram to show content from the internet. To resolve you just need to uninstall the update for this component: settings> apps> android system webview> uninstall updates> ok.

Then I’m restarting the phone and Instagram should work again.

Well folks, I hope you have enjoyed the tips and your instagram will work again.