HOW TO TAKE AUDIO NOISE – Complete Tutorial

How to make audio noise, today you will learn exactly how to do it, totally free using the famous audacity audio editor, if you do not have a computer you can click here and see how to draw audio noise through the android, so keep reading to learn how to how to make audio noise.


You will need to download the well-known audacity editor, do not worry, it is a very simple editor, and very easy to move, so …

Download Audacity by clicking here.

OPENING AUDIO WITHIN AUDACITY: – How to make audio noise

It’s quite simple, click on the “file” option on the upper left side of your Computer, when clicking there you will need to go to the “open” option:

When you click open, it will automatically open the explorer for you to select the music / audio file from which you want to remove the noises.

Now just select the audio that Audacity will read, super-fast.



As I said in the other post:

Lucas’s Tip:

When recording the audio, do not make a noise for 5 to 10 seconds, this will cause your recorder to “get” all the noises around like crickets, conversations, and so on, and this is what we need to remove just these noises, and to remove them the editor needs to collect the noises.

Understood? But I do not have the 5 seconds in the audio from which I want to remove the noises, how do I do? Use a pause!

There are always breaks, and these breaks always have the sounds we’re looking for!

REMOVING NOISE: – How to make audio noise

So all you need now is to select where those noises lie within the audacity

After selecting you come and click on effects> noise reduction> get noise profile.

Audacity Removing Noises from Your Audio

And this will make the editor understand what is noise, noise, cricket, audio, right?

After this you can just unselect the part where the noise is, and press CTRL + R ready! It will remove all noise, but the whole audio, if you want only a specific part you must first select the part you want the noise to not appear, okay?

If you do not want to press CTRL + R you can open the effects, click on noise reduction, and give an “ok” ready, it will remove all the annoying noises of your audio, like crickets, background noise, and so on.

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