Welcome to the blog MundoTutors, in this post you will learn how to remove noises by Android , also check how to remove noises by your Computer, a complete Tutorial on how to remove noises using the famous Audacity audio editor Click Here

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To start learning how to remove noises through the android , you need the Audio Editor installed on your cellphone, this editor is called WavePad, there are the android version and also the computer version, as our tutorial is using the mobile already know which version download it right?

Click Here and Download Wavepad on Playstore

WavePad playstore

STEP 02 RECOGNIZING – How to Remove Noises from Android

Downloaded the wavepad you will need your audio if you have not recorded better! Well you can follow the tip below …

Lucas’s Tip:

When recording the audio, do not make a noise for 5 to 10 seconds, this will cause your recorder to “get” all the noises around like crickets, conversations, and so on, and this is what we need to remove just these noises, and to remove them the editor needs to collect the noises.


Okay, if you already have a recorded audio and do not have a quiet time for the editor to “pick up” the noises use a pause, because in the pause, even if it is small, you can find background noise.



To remove the noise you need to select the same ones.


As in the image, select exactly what you want to remove from the audio, if it is crickets, select where you have crickets, if it is conversations in the background, select where you have conversations in the background, selected you just need to click on this option in the following image:

WavePad Grab Noise Sample

After that you should select where you want to remove the noise, if it is in the whole audio select all the audio if it is in a certain part of your audio, select the part of the audio to remove all the noises by the android cell phone.

Select exactly where you want to remove noise, go back to the same “brush” option and click Apply Subtraction from Noise Sample …

Removing all cricket noises from audio

Ready after this your audio is ready, check out the wavepad review, and learn more about this editor.

Some things you may be missing out on without reading the MundoTutors review

  • Option to make audio “beautiful”
  • Best audio format to use on wavepad
  • Why Download WavePad on PC

And that’s just the beginning (I.e.


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