CyanogenMod: what is it? how it works? How to download?

CyanogenMod is one of the most famous android mods, see why it is so good and how to download!

For Android lovers , the fashion is CyanogenMod, the custom ROM that has become the perfect pair of mobile phones with such a system, where in addition to improving performance, it offers users a more functional interface with exclusive functions of which they are not offered by many handset manufacturers.

Few people do not enjoy good customization on the cell phone and for those who want to change the look of the phone but without losing performance, choosing CyanogenMod as a custom ROM is the best option.


Before downloading the alternative ROM, the user needs to be aware of what they really want. While offering many advantages, CyanogenMod completely changes the initial settings of a phone. This means that if you have recently bought a phone, you need to think twice about whether it is worth losing all the guarantees related to the device. This is because changing the original settings may cause some damage to the device such as loss of data.

Even though it is an excellent ROM and with an innovative proposal that improves the performance of the mobile device, CyanogenMod is more suitable for older Android devices, which do not have constant updates, since it improves a lot in the development not only of cell phones but of tablets and mobile platforms as well.



Downloading the alternate ROM is easier than riding a bike. However, two basic requirements need to be met before beginning such a procedure.

  1. The installation of a Custom Recovery is required on the equipment that is modified
  2. Have root permissions on the device that is modified

Once these requirements are met, downloading the application is easy and only takes a few minutes.

  • Before you begin, make a backup copy of the files on the device. It is quite common to be excited and forget about this little detail. The files stored on the device. So, for no surprises, make a backup copy of the files you want to save and your personal data if you have saved them to your device.
  • Make a copy of the zipped files with the desired ROM, in this case CyanogenMod and then copy the zip file with the Gapps on the SD card into a folder
  • download the file of Lineage , which is the new update of the cyanogen
  • Access the Recovery Mod by the device you want to modify
  • Click the start button or start button to accept the new ROM in your device
  • Once the entire process is complete, you must select the “Backup” or “Restore” option. This is important to ensure that the current system copy for the SD is performed and restored later.
  • All data must be erased from the device by resetting in the following settings: “Wipe data / Factory reset.
  • The following steps are important and will determine the success of all previous procedures. So go to the “Install zip from Card” icon and choose “Choose zip from SDcard”. Once the ROM option is found, start the installation.
  • Install the Gapps by repeating the same procedures
  • Reboot with Reboot and ready! CyanogenMod is now ready to run on the device.

Well folks, we hope you have enjoyed all these tips